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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Hire for Bookings 

This agreement is between you (“the hirer”) and Shine Community Sports Hall Ltd or Shine Wraparound Care Ltd (“Shine”). 


▪ Booking times – The facility booked will be available for occupation between the times stated on the booking application. Please ensure that enough time is allowed to set up and clear away before, and after, use of the facility, as occupancy of the buildings or grounds for longer than the booked times may be charged. 

▪ Use of facilities – Visitors are not permitted to enter the area or rooms, or to use any facilities or equipment, other than those connected with the use of the facilities allotted to them by prior agreement. The facilities booked may only be used at the times and for the purposes agreed by Shine. 

▪ Room Bookings – The room will be available to the hirer, on the condition that it is everything is returned to its correct place and the room is left clean. Failure to do this could lead to an additional charge. 

▪ Control and safety – Visitors use the facilities and equipment at their own risk. The control and instruction of visitors is the responsibility of the hirer. In particular the hirer must ensure that the number of persons using the facilities at any time is not in excess of the number that may safely use them. It is the duty of the hirer and their party to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others. Please report any damage to or defects in any equipment or buildings to a member of staff as soon as possible. 


▪ Right to refuse hire – Shine reserves the right to decline any application for hire. 

▪ Damage or Loss – The hirer is liable for any damage or loss to the property that occurs during the hire of the premises. 

▪ Cancellation of bookings – Once a booking has been accepted, Shine reserves the right to charge for the booking unless reasonable notice of cancellation has been given (24hr notice required for any cancellation). 

▪ Loss of articles – Shine accepts no responsibility for the security of any clothing, money, valuables or other property belonging to visitors, nor accepts liability for their loss or damage. 


The hire fee will be agreed in advance and may include VAT where applicable. Shine will raise an invoice which must be paid by the hirer in advance of the booking. 


Hirers booking on behalf of a registered company or sports club are required to hold and maintain adequate insurance cover against public liability and personal injury with a minimum cover of £5 million in respect of any one incident. Copies of these insurance policies must be provided to Shine prior to the start of the booking. 


▪ Child Protection Procedures – Any Hirer or user whose group includes children must ensure that all relevant Child Protection Procedures (DBS to be provided to Shine) and checks are in place prior to commencement of their booking. Proof of compliance will be required. 

▪ Equipment – All customers must wear the correct footwear. No blades, studs or moulds may be worn in any internal areas. 

▪ Animals – no animals may be brought onto the premises. 

▪ Smoking – Smoking is not permitted in the buildings and grounds. 

▪ Sale of goods – Except with Shine’s prior written consent, the hirer may not exhibit any advertising or allow the sale of goods on the premises. 

▪ Notices – Visitors must comply with any notice displayed on any of the buildings or grounds. 


▪ First Aid Provision – For sports events or bookings hosting more than 50 competitors, hirers are required to book or designate a suitably qualified first aider to deal with all first aid and injuries. 

▪ Accidents – Any accident that occurs on site MUST be reported at the time of the event, or as soon after as is practicable, to a member of staff, when an accident report form must be completed. 

▪ Fire – On arrival at the facility, the hirer should read the displayed fire notice. On hearing the alarm, the facility must be evacuated immediately. Visitors must leave the playing area and walk to the designated assembly point via the signed escape route and ensure all heads are accounted for.